Hi, Orpheus Collar here! I draw for fun and profit, as a New York Times best-selling graphic novelist on The Kane Chronicles Trilogy, currently in development at Netflix, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, currently being adapted on Disney +, and on the Noble Prize (sic)-winning graphic novel Alien Boys co-authored with Oliver Tree. As a visual consultant for motion pictures, I've worked on Advertisements you've seen, TV shows & Music videos you might have seen, and Movies you'll likely never see.

Based out of Los Angeles, made in Baltimore. When not on assignment, I enjoy urban kayaking, motorcycling, and street hustling as a 16 minute portrait artist. In 2018 I co-founded a Not-for-Profit called Drawing Us Together, which brings free hand-made portraiture to underseen communities.




2025 Art And the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance: A Rider's Handbook Graphic Novel (Gamut Press)
2024 Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades Graphic Novel Adaptation (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2023 Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena Graphic Novel Adaptation (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)

2023 MUNCH (Gamut Press)

2021 Oliver Tree vs Little Ricky: Alien Boys Graphic Novel Co-Author (Z2 Comics)

2019 Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian Graphic Novel Art (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2018 Percy Jackson: Battle of the Labyrinth Art (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2017 The Kane Chronicles: The Serpent's Shadow Graphic Novel Adaptation, Art, & Color (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2017 Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune Graphic Novel Color (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2015 The Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire Graphic Novel Adaptation, Art, & Color (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2014 Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero Graphic Novel Color (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)

2014 Devastator Quarterly Contributing Writer/Artist (Devastator Press)

2012 The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid Graphic Novel Adaption, Art, & Color (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
010 Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Graphic Novel Layout Artist (Disney/Hyperion Books for Children)
2010 Devastator Quarterly Contributing Artist (Devastator Press)

2007 Gamut Publisher, Editor and Contributing Artist (Small Press)


2021-23 Untold multitudes of shooting boards for Music Videos and Commercials

2020 "Saturday Night Live Season 45 finale", shooting boards (NBC)
2020 "Oliver Tree: Someone Else," "Charlie Wilson: Forever Valentine" music videos (Roble Ridge Productions)
2020 "Diary of a Future Female President" Illustration (Disney +)
2020 "Sharon Is Karen", Producer, Story, Production Design (Morpheus Pictures)
2020 "Swiped To Death" shooting boards (Hulu)

2019 "Mercedes Benz" shooting boards (Tool of North America)
2019 " Why Women Kill", "Young Sheldon" shooting boards (CBS)
2019 "Kiiara: Open My Mouth", Julia Michaels, Alec Benjamin music videos (Roble Ridge Productions)
2019 "Geico", "Alaska Airlines", "Fruit of the Loom" shooting boards (M ss ng P eces)
2019 "Toyota" shooting boards (Tool North America)

2018 “Trash Truck" animation boards (Netflix)
2018 “Bahari" Music Video (Rock Mafia)
2018 “Alien" 30th Anniversary short shooting boards (20th Century Fox)
2018 "Skyy Vodka" "Lysol" "Chase Bank"(M ss ng P eces)
2018 "Property Brothers", "Geico, "TIAA", "Westfield," "Blue Bunny" "Charles Schwab" Shooting boards (Tool North America)
2018 "Target Back to School", shooting boards (1st Ave)
2018 "Amazon Back to School" shooting boards (Tool North America)
2018 "Toyota Mirai" shooting boards (Plastic)
2018 "Toyota" Shooting boards (Quercus Media)
2018 "Citibank/Sears Mastercard" "Tempurpedic", "Travelers Insurance"shooting boards (Derby Content)
2018 "Bluprint" "Heartland Bank" (Simple Films)
2018 "Toyota" Shooting boards (Quercus Media)
2018"Overwatch League" Storyboards (Kamp Grizzly)
2018 “John Hancock" (Hanour/Heat films)

2017 "Jane The Virgin Season 4" Illustrator (CW/Eye Productions)
2017 "Daddy's Home 2" Set Rendering (Paramount)
2017 “Inkmaster: Season 6 Promo" Shooting boards (Spike/ Viacom)
2017 "Lysol", "Milanos", "TIAA","Blistex", "Westfield," "Invisalign" Shooting boards (Tool North America)
2017 “Toyota-MTV and Movie Awards”shooting boards (MTV/Toyota)

2016 "Space Racers Season 2" animation storyboards&animatics (NASA/PBS)
2016 "TJ Maxx” , "US Cellular, "Breath Savers,””CDW" "Goodness Knows" Shooting boards (Tool North America)
2016 “Cost Cutters” Shooting boards (Space 150)
2016 “Ford,” “Applebees”, “Odor Eaters" Shooting Boards (Yard Dog)
2016 “Anti Drunk Driving PSA” (The Ad Council/Tool)
2016 “Amgen VR Experience,“Raytheon” pitch boards (Inhance)
2016 "Priceline: The New Negotiator" Shooting boards (Hardtack Creative)
2016 “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” storyboards (GNet)
2016 "Home Depot:Fall " shooting boards (Wild Plum)
2016 "Ford: Truck Fans" shooting boards (Wild Plum)
2016: "Batman V Superman: Lexcorp", Set Renderings (Warner Bros)

2015 "Lost in the Pacific" Feature Film shooting &vfx boards (Vincent Zhou Productions/Pinewood Studios Iskandar)
2015 Daddy's Home Promo Set Renderings
2015 "Disney: The Musical" storyboards (MODOP films)
2015 "NISSAN Leaf" Shooting boards (Ghost Office)
2015 "Ruffles:Ridgiculous" Shooting boards (Helo Agency)
2015 "Sea Foam Dental Adhesive" Shooting boards(Defcon)
2015 "Purina Cat Chow Gentle" shooting boards(Original Film)
2015 "Hyatt There's A Place for You" shooting boards (Interrogate)
2015 "Cherokee Casino" Presentation Boards (Red Square Gaming)

2014 "Space Racers: Season 1" animation storyboards&animatics (NASA/PBS)
2014 "About a Boy" Series intro TV boards (NBC)
2014 "Tibet Legend" opening cinematic storyboards (The Third Floor/Netease)
2014 "Ford: Great American Tailgate" storyboards (Team Detroit)
2014 "AlevePM", "Paypal: The People's Voice" shooting boards (Wild Plum)
2014 "Microsoft Enterprise Group" Presentation boards (Studio VMG)
2014 "Ben 10" shooting boards (Artifact Design)

2013 "Plants vs. Zombies" presentation boards (Petrol)
2013 "Pawn Stars" shooting boards (Arsenal)
2013"Sprint: Guaranteed" shooting boards (Wild Plum)
2013 "NBA: Big is On", "Craftsman Tools","American Standard," "Ameriprise Financial" shooting boards (Interrogate)
2013 Disney Princess", "Max Steel" shooting boards (WSR Creative)

2011 "Evidence" feature film storyboards (Bold Films)

2010 Nissan presentation boards (oncars.com) 
2010 "Nike:More than a Flying Man" motion comic illustrations (W+K, Nike Shanghai)

Print (as colorist's assistant):
2006-2010:Amazing Spider Man, Ultimate X-Men, Conan, Batman Confidential, Mythos:Fantastic Four, City of Others, Manhunter, Sweet Tooth, Batman Black and White, Wednesday Comics, various other titles & cover art

2005-2009: MICA (BFA in Illustration, Summa Cum Laude)
2001-2005: Carver Center for Arts and Technology

Awards and Recognition:
2020 Noble Prize for Grafic Novels, Oliver Tree Vs Little Ricky: ALIEN BOYS Graphic Novel
2014 New York Times Bestseller list, The Lost Hero: the Graphic Novel
2012 New York Times Bestseller list, The Red Pyramid: the Graphic Novel
2010 New York Times Bestseller list, The Lightning Thief: the Graphic Novel
2008 MICA Illustration Achievement Scholarship
2007 MICA Achievement Scholarship
2006 Youngarts Silver Portfolio